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WE LOVE YOU! Yes, we really, really do.

Obviously, you’re here because you’d like to get more love, give more love, or just feel that what the world needs now is love.  Thank you, Burt Bacharach for that wonderful notion.

Seriously, what’s not to love about love?  It can make us feel like we’re on a rocket to the moon or relaxed, like we just took a great vacation and we didn’t even go anywhere.  Love can be like a party, complete with conga line, inside our bodies, or a starlight ride across a pristine lake in sacred silence.  Any way you experience it, love feels great.
When there’s love in our lives, everything works.  It’s just better.  Even the things that usually bother us like our cranky boss or getting a bill in the mail don’t feel half as bad because love feels so good.  It’s like we’re superheroes, surrounded by a force field of love.  Actually, this is true.  Among other cool stuff on, you’ll find amazing facts about how the energy of love can be scientifically measured and changes things.  Don’t worry; no pop quizzes here, just fun facts you never knew about love.  It’s way more than an invisible notion.  It’s a moving force that changes things…and that’s where you come in.  So put on your best superhero cape, the standard bath towel will do, and get ready to change the world by changing yourself with love.


A good old fashioned, boots-on-the-ground, grassroots effort to bring people together in loving ways throughout the real world.


Love isn’t just sweetness. It’s science, too. View some amazing scientific studies on the quantifiable properties of loving energy.


Not an expert at this love thing and need some good ideas? View our official starter launch pad of 50 ways to spread love today.



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separator_greyThe Love Button Movement is gaining the attention of businesses, teachers, medical professionals, celebrities, philanthropic organizations and neighborhood communities worldwide.

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Chris Martin Remembers to Pause & Love on the Streets of Newton

This video is the perfect example of how music can bring people together. It can make us put our differences aside and share a moment where we feel alive. We Love this.

As we put more loving energy into the world, we change our lives, the lives of others and the world. Love is real, measurable and more necessary now than ever.


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